Sports Mill is a sports bar with a twist—a fun, relaxing environment with amazingly realistic sports simulators so you can play and practice more than 30 sports indoors, in any kind of weather. Owners Jody Millsap, Hunter Millsap, and Logan Gentry believe in the Appalachian Highlands region and have made a big effort to use this new business to support other businesses in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

“We really appreciate all the hard work and careful attention to detail that all our building, marketing, and professional services partners have offered,” comments company president Jody Millsap. “Everyone has gone above and beyond to make sure The Sports Mill will be a beautiful, comfortable, and inviting place to bring your friends and family for sports-focused fun.”

Businesses who have helped make The Sports Mill a reality include:

We hope all our vendors—and their friends—will come and visit soon. See you at The Sports Mill, opening November 20, 2020!