Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can play on the simulator during the reserved period?
You can have as many people as you like participate during your time on the simulator. We just ask that only one person be on the turf at a time, for safety reasons.
How many different games (sports) can be played during the reserved period?
You can play as many different games (sports) as you want during your reserved period.
What if I want something to eat other than the food offered? Can I bring in food from somewhere else or have it delivered?
Yes, as long as we don't have food trucks on site, we encourage you to bring in your food of preference or have food delivered. We have many great restaurants close by that provide take out.
Can we reserve a simulator during non-business hours?
Yes, please give us a call 24 hours in advance and we will gladly accommodate simulator reservations outside our normal operating hours.

Monday: 4pm–10pm

Tuesday: 4pm–10pm

Wednesday: 4pm–10pm

Thursday: 4pm–11pm

Friday: 4pm–12am

Saturday: 12pm–12am

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