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HD Soccer™

It’s you against the net-keeper. Take aim, visualize your shot and score! Compete against a computer opponent, or pass the included controller to a friend…and take them on 1 on 1! Exciting play action from ranging distances and angles presents a wealth of fun gaming scenarios. You’ll appreciate every perfectly sequenced kick. When you kick the soccer ball, it feels and responds faithfully – transferring onto the big screen and towards the goal in a completely realistic manner. The thunder of the crowd and ambient soccer chants add excitement, creating a sporting experience like no other.

Build Soccer Skills

Master the Penalty Kick in the HD Multi-Sport™ Soccer Stadium. Try the Target Competition or Timed Skills Competition for a multiplayer experience with no comparison! Develop junior to experienced players’ skills, compete with friends or challenge the computer opponent. Select the Play-Action Scenario, Distance, Performance Boost, Opponent Difficulty – then play!