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HD Shooting™

Explore the great indoors! Accurate and safe, HD Shooting, delivers multi-player excitement and thrills with fast-paced action! Immersive and dramatic environments offers plenty of room to track both stationary and moving targets with a realistic user experience!

Target Shooting

Experience our Western Saloon Shoot, Carnival Shoot or save the world in Zombie Survival! Track shots-on-target and accuracy percentages with both pistols and shotguns. Have fun while becoming a crack shot! Integrated scoring and multi-player options ensure everyone has a great time.

Sport Shooting

‘Pull!!’ You’ll love HD’s growing repertoire of Sport Shooting scenarios. Try Single Trap, Double Trap and Skeet with adjustable difficulty settings. Use the replica laser shotgun to break ‘clay pigeons’ in a fun, competitive environment! Various distances, ‘clay’ speed and patterns keep competition fun and scalable regardless of skill level and experience.