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HD Hunting

Dramatic locations and variable species inspire friendly competition and a dynamic hunt. Explore the great outdoors in our digital world without the bugs! Adjustable difficulty levels ensure both new and experienced hunters equally enjoy their time in the field!

HD Duck Hunt

As dawn breaks, settle into your blind and begin the hunt! Let the excitement build as you scan the horizon and ‘Call’ ducks. Shoot them on-the-wing with your HD Shotgun as they fly into range. Great for single and multiplayer. Perfect for the whole family.

HD Pheasant Hunting

Go pheasant hunting without the long drive and early morning wake-up. Command your hunting dog to enter the field, point and flush pheasants. Shot difficulty and speed can increase your points and awards! Fun yet challenging, this multiplayer experience is suitable for all-ages and skill levels.

HD Rabbit Hunting

Hunt hare in the field with your trusty gun-dog. Scan for movement while he points and flushes quarry from cover. Shoulder your shotgun and take the shot. Fun and challenging, your prey’s speed and stunning agility keeps excitement up and your reflexes sharp! Single or multiplayer, varying levels of difficulty keep the novice to experienced hunter engaged and having a great time.

HD Wild Boar Hunting

Hunt packs of wild boar deep in the bayou. Your trusty rifle makes short work of these easily spooked, highly-aggressive beasts. Short, medium and long-distance packs a wealth of challenging shots into every turn. Adjust difficulty for both single or multiplayer options. Incredible realism makes this fun for everyone!