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HD Hockey™

Host an NHL style Target Competition to become your family’s MVP! Or, challenge a buddy controlling the goalie with the controller. It’s dramatic and thrilling! Excitement grows while goal lights flash and siren wails celebrating your game winning goal. With multiple scenarios, variable difficulty levels and ‘Powerboost’, it’s easy for everyone to enjoy the adrenalin-pumping thrill only hockey delivers. HD Hockey™ is setup for both single and multi-player use; easily alternate between goal-keeping and scoring. We’ll help you deliver big-time action on the ice.

Skills Competition

Improve shot accuracy with our Skills Competition. Improve technical, on-ice skills by practicing with HD Sport Suite. The sequenced, highlighted targets promote rapid target acquisition and accelerated shot release in a fun, contagious way! You’ll notice a big difference in on-ice performance after working on Sport Suite. Keep track of shots-on-net, puck speed and goals scored. Enjoy friendly competition and track skills progression with the easy-to-use, cloud-based Player Locker-room.