Fun & Games

HD Carnival Toss

Every day is a carnival at The Sports Mill in Kingsport. Take a shot and knock them down. Prizes are only virtual, but the awe inspired in your friends and family is real. Be careful, though—don’t get cocky! It is harder than it looks.

HD Bocce

Head to the Garden with friends for some Bocce! Traditionally known as a social Italiani sport, today Bocce is an international crowd pleaser! Take the pallino (‘bullet’ or ‘little ball’) in Italian, and toss it within the play area. It becomes the target, and the goal is to throw your bocce balls as close to the pallino as possible. Players alternate throwing and a point is awarded to the player with the ball closest to the target.

HD offers ranging sizes of Bocce courts to accommodate all ages and skill levels.

HD Croquet

Coming soon! This classic family lawn game is re-invented for the big screen—simulator screen, that is. A great choice for families or groups with a wide age range of players. Fix your wickets, plant your stakes, and play away!

HD Cornhole

Visit the HD Carnival to enjoy some Cornhole, or Bean Bag Toss with friends! Exciting lighting effects and gameplay deliver competitive, all-ages fun! Select your preferred distance, grab some bean bags and line up the target. Your goal is to toss the bean bag into the cutout target to earn a point! Alternate shots with friends and enjoy this classic, casual game!

HD Horseshoes

A classic yard and party game, usually accompanied with great stories and fun family laughter. Bring Great-Grandpa along, we bet he can teach you a thing or two!