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HD Football™

Go behind the snap and throw touchdowns on variable highlighted passing routes. It’s exciting, challenging and fun! Work down the field earning first downs for completed passes. Then, pick your moment and an eligible receiver for a touchdown. Tired of throwing? Tee-up the football – laces out and kick field goals from ranging distances. Go end-over-end through the uprights while steadily increasing your kicking power. Add performance boost for young or inexperienced kickers and deliver the end result everyone wants – a textbook field goal!

QB Passing

Throw a touchdown pass to clinch victory on the HD Multi-Sport™ gridiron. Perfect your spiral, work on pass depth and improve throw force with the incredibly accurate spin measurements and realism. Track performance in real time with our comprehensive throw analytics and rewrite your own playbook. Scenario complexity, varied patterns and distances ensure transferable performance to the stadium next time your team needs you.

Field Goal Kicking

Finesse your end-over-end kicking with the Field Goal experience. Tee up the football, select the distance and go for it! Imagine watching the Big Game and recreating that touchdown pass the pro just missed. Play for bragging rights or even higher stakes if your skill can back your ambition. Used by numerous NFL players, HD Multi-Sport is the premium way to have fun, compete and improve.